Wood Beams

Exposed wooden beams in a home instantly bring a sophisticated element to a space; whether it be an industrial beam, or a traditional country-like beam.

Cat Mountain contemporary-living-room

Crystal White Painted Inset traditional-kitchen

Kitchens and living rooms are a great place for beams, and in most cases they are structural which brings even more character to your home! If your home has these gorgeous wooden beams, flaunt them don’t hide them! Maybe you have a bulk head that needs a facelift? These realistic faux wood beams are the way to go!

Atherton, California Estate by Markay Johnson Construction traditional-living-room

Frio Family Retreat farmhouse-kitchen

Want to amp up your vaulted ceiling? Go big and create an entire skeleton of beams! This extravagant ceiling work is an amazing feature to have. Being both structural and decorative, this ceiling will definitely be a conversation starter!


A more modern way of attacking a wooden beam is by going darker, and less textured. These simple beams definitely add a modern feel to the space.

Believe it or not, the beams in the far left are faux wood beams!

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