How to Successfully Choose a Clock

Clocks can be one of the hardest pieces of decor to narrow down. There are tonnes of different styles, shapes and sizes, and they can really change the feel of a space- picking can sometimes be daunting. There are really three key elements when selecting a clock, and they all work together to find the perfect feature clock for your home!

lots of clocks ceremony backdrop

1. Scale

Large or small? If you have a wall that desperately needs a statement piece think big! Nothing says drama like an over sized clock. Need the clock for functional reasons and have a small space, or just looking for a little punch? Try looking for a sunburst shape or something with a bit of pizazz!

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2. Formality

Is the desired feel of the room formal? Casual and laid back? Define how you want the space to feel, look to create a mood in an upscale foyer with a grandfather clock. For a casual kid friendly space, try a bright colour with whimsical details to pull off a playful vibe.

Grand Curved Staircase traditional staircase Wall Clock Pi:p transparent red

3. Style

Is the room rustic or Tuscan inspired? Cool and contemporary or chic and glamorous? The style of the clock is the most important detail- a  space can feel high end and luxurious with an ultra contemporary mirror that has a glossy sheen.

Wendi Young Design traditional patio Noise Digital Offices modern dining room

This room is one of my favourites. The dramatic black walls and delicate furniture lines have a quiet sophistication without being too stuffy. The clock on the mantel really sets the tone with the mirror finish reflecting light around the room and the large roman numerals add elegance. Happy hunting!

Rocky Ledge LIbrary contemporary living room

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