Making It Easy – COVID-19

We understand that during this time of physical distancing, people need options. Sometimes changes still need to be made despite what’s happening. We’re here to help!

Private Showroom Consultations

  • With sanitization of sampling and spaces used.
  • Respect of physical distancing required by all involved.
  • Please do not use this option if you are experiencing symptoms.
  • Call us to book a time.

If you’d prefer not to leave home:

  • Phone or Video Consultations
    • To go through questions and details.
    • We can coordinate a suitable time and chat method based on what you have available!
    • Call us to arrange.
  • Sampling to your home or office
    • We have a large selection of sampling we can drop off & pick up, or in some cases order and ship directly to your home
      • Visit our product pages to search our supplier sites for the types of samples you’d be interested in seeing.
      • Call us to arrange for the sampling to be brought to your door.
      • We’ll ensure to clean all sampling prior to delivery
      • Call or email us to arrange
  • Room Visualization Tools
    • Many of our suppliers offer on their websites an opportunity to upload a photo of your space and see what it would look like with their product – check it out!