Throwback Thursday: Victorian Style in Interior Design

The Victorian Interior Design

The Victorian interior design style started during the Industrial Revolution, when cheap mass-production started booming. People, who could not afford furniture and other interior accessories before this time period, were able to buy during this era. Because of this event, old Victorian homes were filled with decorations.

Victorian interior design is specifically known for its intricate fabric, wallpaper, and flooring designs, lighting and moods, incorporation of marble and lace, and very decorative lighting. The style strives to make interior spaces cozy and warm and this can be seen from the colors and patterns in the furniture and interior furnishings.

Furniture pieces were mostly done in wood, and there are also a lot of porcelain pieces that can be seen during this era. Wallpaper, rugs, and carpet are made with such intricate patterns, mostly curved lines and geometric patterns usually mimicking plants or vines and animals. Large living rooms and receiving areas, as well as dining rooms could also be seen during this time period, as big gatherings were common.  

Modern Day Victorian Interior Design

We can still see a lot of Victorian interior style integrated in a lot of modern homes now. Even though we don’t see as much of the intricate vine patterns, we still see it inside of our homes and on our furniture and accessories. We can see this incorporation from curvilinear furniture and fabrics, like rugs or cushion covers for example, with floral or vine patterns.

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