Interior Design and the Pandemic

We are living in different times.

We are continuing to learn how to function in our new normal lifestyles. Some factors that we didn’t think about as much before, now have to be considered when talking about interior design for our homes and workplaces. We at The Carpet Studio explored the challenges and changes that homes and workplaces are going through during this time, and in this post, we share with you where the Interior Design industry is heading.

Before COVID-19

Before the pandemic started, many people were used to being in homes only for a short portion of our days. We spent most of our time during the day in our offices, schools, and other places where we did our daily tasks. We considered some spaces to be integrated into our homes, but never thought of them as essential. Spaces like home gyms, office areas, or even entertainment rooms, were more of a luxury and are less common.

In Our Homes during Covid-19

More people are now spending the whole day every day at home, which is a challenge for some. As we become more familiar with our interior spaces, we notice our home environment more, especially the flaws. We are starting to realize that some areas of our homes can be transformed into a more useful space or multipurpose. We are seeing an increase with makeshift office spaces in our quest for a place to accomplish our office or school tasks where people can focus and work without getting interrupted.

In Our Workplaces during Covid-19

Even though many people are working from home, there are many people back in our workplaces. Because of the need of social distancing, smaller conference rooms are being used less. We are also seeing less in-person meetings as these can be done through video calls. Bigger meeting rooms with the right video conferencing technologies have become a necessity.

Where is Interior Design Going after Covid-19?

In our homes, we believe we will be seeing a simpler approach in interior design. Our homes have become our workplace, school, gym, and entertainment area. Since we think people will spend more time in our homes, we think they will start to incorporate more calming colors where they can relax even when they stay inside all day.  We also think we will start seeing a lot more of antimicrobial and non-porous materials that are easier to clean in homes. We also think a lot more plants are going to be incorporated in our spaces and private patios are going to become more popular as we try to enjoy every bit of nature inside our own homes.

Even before the pandemic, the open office concept already was already the future of interior design in workplaces. When looking at the workplace design after the pandemic, a more fluid and flexible office design will still be the way to go. We might be seeing an addition of higher divider screens, modular walls, fewer chairs, and wider hallways. Video conference rooms will become bigger and have less seating.

When it comes to office furniture, we think we will be seeing desks being further apart from others as we maintain proper distancing. To ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing, materials which are antimicrobial and non-porous may be more in demand for office furniture.

Let Us Help!

We are here for you.

We offer a variety of products that will help you make your interior spaces easier to clean and sanitize.  

Quartz, for example, is a non-porous material which means that no water or bacteria can go in, making it a really good counter or table top. Quartz also come in a variety of designs and colors which means that whatever design you’re going for in your homes, you’ll be able to find the quartz that fits! Here at The Carpet Studio, we can give you a quote for your quartz countertops and answer any further questions that you may have.

Another good example is LVT flooring. This flooring has a top coat on top of the wear layer which makes it really durable and easy to clean. We offer a variety of options of LVT with a lot of choices for designs. LVT is one of the most popular flooring right now, because you can get the beauty of the wood look or stone, without spending as much money, and it can be installed in all parts of the home!

Did You Know?

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