2020 Design Trends

Happy New Year!

We are starting 2020 off introducing our top trends for the year. Drum roll please…

  1. The resurrection of carpet…
  2. Pattern mixing!
  3. No colour “rules”.

We love this entryway by Emily Clark Interiors. It really captures our three trends for 2020, by using an unusual colour palette, mixing patterns, and welcoming back a stunning carpet runner.

This week we will delve into the first trend:


It is no secret that carpet has fallen off the radar in the past few years in terms of trendiness. Hard surface flooring [i’m looking at you, vinyl plank] has exploded in the flooring industry, and easily is the bulk of what we are putting into people’s homes and condo’s. Yet there is still something magical about carpet- the soft feeling underfoot, that cozy first step in the morning that has kept carpet around. The carpet of today is a far cry from what was available even just 5 years ago, and we are so excited to be able to offer more options than ever. Out with the plain carpet, in with pattern, texture, flair, and fun! Now, we have the opportunity to make a high impact with colour or pattern without the price tag to match.

Check out the lines we are crushing on right now:

Karastan French Encore
Tuftex Tracery Sweet Pink
Shaw Velour Everest
Beaulieu Hail Cloud

Stay tuned for our next feature for our 2020 trends series!

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