Seeing Stripes!

We all know how much fun you can have with a feature wall, and the trendiest way to spice up a simple wall is to add stripes! The most common stripe these days is the big, bold, black and white stripe! Whether they run horizontal or vertical, your stripes are sure to turn heads.

Nob Hill Kitchen: Dining Corner contemporary-dining-room

With a wall as bold as this, it is in need of a pop of colour. The green stands out against the neutral wall colour creating a pair that is to die for!

Water-tower project scandinavian-living-room

Add an interesting feature wall to offset the simplicity of an all-white living room. The straight, black stripes definitely keep the room looking clean and crisp, while adding interest.

Ampersand Hotel victorian-bathroom

This small accent of stripes is the exactly what this bathroom needs! The contrast of the horizontal black and white walls is carried out in a vertical stripe.

Morningside I modern-bathroom

Who says your stripes have to be painted on? This tiled shower is a great example of the stripe application being totally interesting!

Don’t stop at black and white! Colour is always the perfect way to add character in a space.

Workspace eclectic-home-office

Mix it up and carry out your stripe fever with a different product all together! These mirrored lines are not only different, they also reflect light and create an even brighter space!

Grimsby Home contemporary-living-room

Make your striped wall even more unique by changing the design all together!

Bruce House transitional-nursery

King's Corner transitional-home-office

Elegant and Modern Dining contemporary-dining-room

Maybe the bold stripe is a little too bold for your style. With these more subtle options your office, living room, or bedroom can still have an exciting wall feature that will get people talking!

Jane Lockhart Interior Design transitional-home-office

Designer home in SF contemporary-living-room

Black and White Nursery (Gender Neutral) by JWS Interiors transitional-kids

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