Exploring Trends: Watercolour Walls


The abstract, ethereal watercolor art is taking off in a big way this year! It feels luxurious, and unexpected and is the perfect feature for a narrow hallway or accent wall. Seen in high end homes and businesses, this is a bold but beautiful trend.

Would love to find out how to do this. Watercolor idea - backdrops

The key to a successful watercolor wall is selecting the right colours. Using complementary colours like orange and blue, you are sure to make a WOW statement. Varying in shades of each, it feels fresh and interesting.

For a calm, more serene look, go with shades of one colour. In this case, the lavender and plum hues are soft and alluring. Paired with creams and just a pop of green in small doses, the room strikes the perfect balance!

Take inspiration from these stunning rooms, and try it on a wall at home! If the commitment of a whole watercolour wall is out of your comfort zone, invest in large watercolor canvas art! It is a great way to inject colour into a room, and gives you flexibility!

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Ikat Inspired Original Abstract Watercolor Painting - LanasArt - Contemporary Home Decor

This great piece, would add high style and punch of colour- for less than $50!

Blue velvet sofa, abstract watercolor painting, and a gray crushed velvet ottoman

Using a deep navy couch and matching artwork, the watercolor feels sleek and inspired. Pair with a crisp and thin white frame for a chic and minimalist look.

Art Print, Watecolor, Daybreak

Another stunning piece, great over a couch, or  for a vibrant addition to your front entry.

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