The Bathroom Formula

Infusing style into a small room can really boost the overall impression of a home. A little goes a long way in a bathroom, and they are the perfect spot to add colour, pattern, and a bit of whimsy. Bathrooms provide the perfect area for your personality to shine.

They are a private room, that aren’t open to other spaces and that means you can really play with colour and go for more bold shades that you might shy away from in a large or open concept main area.

And, probably our favourite part, is most bathrooms are small rooms. Easy to tackle, and easier on the bottom line- smaller rooms mean less paint, materials like flooring, and fewer accessories. It is the perfect weekend DIY project!

Here is our tried and true Bathroom Formula to ensure your loo will be looking its best….

Commit to a style + layer texture + choose one oddity = bathroom success

Let’s break it down:

Commit to a style. This does not mean picking a “theme”.  The last thing we want is for your bathroom to be crammed with anchors, pictures of fish,  and starfish . That is a nautical nightmare. What is key, is to nail down what you want the feeling to be – fun, playful, relaxing, spa like… and commit to it! The style you exude comes from the finishes, the wood grains, the tile, all the details together, so really think about what you want the bathroom to say. You can have a tiny guest bathroom and want it to feel luxurious and a bit old hollywood glam for your guests to be wowed when they stay with you!

Layer texture. OK, I know we might be starting to sound a bit like a broken record, but it really is the key element  for design success. A flat wall, plain tile and standard vanity cabinet is snooze worthy. Break up the monotony with texture! Mix metal finishes, add wallpaper or bead-board and change up the feeling instantly by leaving matchy-matchy behind. Pair matte walls and a glossy floor tile. Rough hewn rustic wood with sleek black accents.

Choose one oddity. Use your bathroom as a canvas to add a touch of your personality. It doesn’t have to be something strange or weird- though it can be- but something that might be unusual or a bit unexpected. A sophisticated chandelier, a green living bath mat, or a quirky framed photo all add a personal stamp and something unique to your space.

These bathrooms nailed all three, see how this formula applies below:

.this is too cool The best vintage home design ideas for your home! See more inspiring images on our board at

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deco / chinoiserie feel. i could live without those basins but some cool details here.:

I love the look of stand alone washstands over built in cabinets, it offers an eclectic, Parisian feel. #layeredny Dour a Design Editor's Own Bold Digs//brass washstand, malachite mirror:

Beauty and Glam This stylish vanity cabinet makes the entire powder room sparkle with a hint of old Hollywood glamour. The mirror-paneled vintage chest was converted into a vanity, outfitted with vintage-style fixtures, and paired with an etched mirror to complete the dramatic statement.:


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