Look up – Way up!

Decorated ceilings are on their way back into design and we are so excited to show you why! Take a neutral space, add a colourful ceiling, and viola, you have a totally unique and exciting feature! Don’t stop there, use other colours in the room and pull them up into the horizontal space above! Making your ceiling the center of attention is something you can have a lot of fun with. From wallpaper, to paint, to a 3D design, these fabulous ceiling finishes are sure to be the next big thing.

Southampton Residence traditional-dining-room

Hollywood Residence transitional-living-room

Inspiriation Exploration eclectic-nursery

Modern Kids modern-kids

Madison Ave. apartment combo contemporary-dining-room

Allure contemporary-living-room

Marine Parade Apartment modern-living-room

These 3D ceiling designs are so chic and interesting, who wouldn’t want them?

Luxurious Getaway at the Floridian Golf and Yacht Club transitional-bedroom

Duplex Apartment Combination contemporary-living-room

House Primrose Hill contemporary-living-room

Have fun and remember, look up – way up!


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