Fur, Fur, Baby

A trend that has slowly but surely made its way to the top is faux fur and it definitely is one of our faves! From throws, to pillows, and even rugs, this faux finish can be used anywhere.

A fur throw is one of the easiest ways to “cozy up” a space while adding texture.

Black Sheepskin Throw | Remodelista

Fur can also be used as a fun, funky element to an eclectic living room! Bright colours and styles grab attention and pull this unique space together.

Eclectic Living Room eclectic-living-room

Going for a more elegant look? Add some simple, white throws to your dining room chairs to give it a classy but comfortable feel.

One Central Park Penthouse - Chippendale Sydney contemporary-dining-room

Pillows are always a really easy way to add interest to any piece of furniture, so it’s no surprise these faux fur ones have really taken off! While being a simple, neutral colour these pillows are still able to catch the eye and tie the room together.

Lakefront Modern contemporary-bedroom

Industrial Bedroom industrial-bedroom

Modern Regency Bedroom modern-bedroom

Rugs, rugs, rugs! We all love an area rug of any shape and size, so why not incorporate it into your fur decor! So soft beneath you feet, these rugs are full of luxury.

The Maryland eclectic-living-room

Who says you can’t have fluffy rugs in your bathroom!

Garfield transitional-bathroom

Throwing a fur rug by your fireplace is a sure way to add extreme comfort on those chilly days, when all you want to do is drink cocoa and read a book!

Midcentury Family Room midcentury-family-room

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