Colour Comeback: Olive Green

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Olive green never truly goes out of style- it’s a classic heritage colour that stands the test of time. But it is making more of a splash this year and we think this is a great (and easy) colour to incorporate into your decor without wanting to change it out with the seasons. Warm and earthy, this colour pairs well with, well, everything!

colors that pair well with olive green:

Olive is a versatile colour. Rooted with a mixture of greys, browns, and yellows, it is easy to find the perfect compliment. Playing with the undertone like the examples above, it is hard to find a colour this chameleon doesn’t work with!


Don’t be afraid to really go for it with this colour. Cabinets look divine with a smokey sage undertone, and paired with crisp white and silver accents is elegant and yet relaxed.


For the modernist, a simple storage cart in a polished olive green feels perfectly at home. We love the almost militant feeling – “army green” along with natural wood floors and crisp white subway tile.

Try our favourite hues from Benjamin Moore:

Tate Olive HC-112

Spanish Olive CC-1509

2 responses to “Colour Comeback: Olive Green”

  1. Love the unique shade of that bathroom vanity. It really stands out agains the white walls and sink.

    1. Us too! It is unexpected but really doesn’t feel out of place.

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