Pixelate This!

Trends often come from the runway, inspired from the clothing stomping down fashion week’s runways. But sometimes, technology inspires artists to break the fashion mold and look at art, and subversively, life– in a different way! Pixelated art is a clever and charming way to add colour, pattern and large scale oomph to your home. A bit tongue in cheek, a bit high street, we are seriously loving this block-y trend.

If you are an art admirer and know your Van Goghs and Vermeers, you would appreciate these modular patterns from ixxi.

Pixelated installations can be works or art, or even sculpture or metalwork. This commercial has a beautiful gunmetal hued entry feature that would be at home in an industrial loft or home office! allowing blocks of light in a random pixel pattern is a simple but striking way to add life and pattern.

Giant Pixel Office by Studio O+A. "At the office’s entrance, a blackened steel canopy was installed to create a separation between the reception and waiting areas and the office space. The canopy is perforated with a computer code pattern that looks like random pixels."

Have a photo of a landscape you love? Check out this DIY, taking the colours in the photo and translating into your own piece of wall art.

Use photoshop to pixelate a photo and use that as a guide for a modern watercolor 6e9ff9a1a01813c8cd07cea06b7290e7.jpg (433×942)

And finally, a quick and easy way to try this funky trend is throw pillows!

Luna    Venus    Fire    Mercury

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