Prints, Prints, Prints.

We’re not talking about patterns, today we are checking out the coolest art prints for your home!

Time and time again, the bread and butter of a room is neutral. There’s nothing wrong with making practical decisions- a textured grey couch will always be easier to pair with new styles or new spaces than a purple velveteen number- but it needs colour and life to save it from feeling dull. Throw pillows are an excellent source of pattern and colour, but what about in a neutral bathroom? Or a boring builder beige hallway?

Enter prints. We are obsessed with the selection and variety at Society6. Known for allowing small artists get their work known, this is a nice break from the generic art you find in IKEA. And, it is super affordable. Unique, colourful, and cheap? That ticks all our boxes. With the option to order the print alone or framed and in multiple formats, this site is a go to for unique prints.

We have broken down our favourites for each room of the house.

1. The Builder Beige Hallway

Nothing says yawn like a long hallway. Connect spaces by using pattern and colour in groups of three or five in a hallway to add some jazz to these oft forgotten walls. Pick whimsical pieces with life for an eclectic flair.

Voyages over Edinburgh Art Print  Tea at 2,000 Feet Art Print  Bears on Bicycles Art Print

2. Boring Bathroom

Fix a boring bathroom with bright florals or watercolour prints for a pretty addition of style.

Watercolor Floral Print Art Print

Floral Art Print

Watercolour Pastel Art Print

3. Klunky Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to add funny pieces of art. A room that gets so much use and is the centre of most parties is the perfect place to add a chuckle!

the whisk wasn't the tallest Art Print

Melting Art Print

bed and breakfast Art Print

Happy print hunting!

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  1. Where the print with pink flowers comes from? 🙂

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