Top 3: Wall Features

A feature wall doesn’t have to be a different colour of paint or a patterned wallpaper! If you really want to make a certain wall in your home pop, then keep reading! A unique feature is what you need and we are about to show you exactly what we mean!

1. Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is being used more and more as wall features than on the floor, and you can have a lot of fun with this unique product! How you install it will give it its character, vertically or horizontally it is sure to be eye-catching. Just like any feature wall, you want it to be the center of attention! An inexpensive way to go about your reclaimed wood wall is to use a laminate! This Beach House collection from Shnier is the perfect product.


Seahound Ranch beach-style-bedroom

2. Brick

White wash brick is really popular these days and we can see why! This stunning feature wall is the perfect way to wow your friends and family. Make it pop even more with a dramatically dark wall beside it, or keep it more subtle with similar tones throughout your room. Whether you decide to amp it up or tone it down, this wall will always stand out as a feature! If the white wash doesn’t work for you, try the timeless look of a natural brick. Just as striking, the red brick will be the main element in your space. The simple light wall colour in the photo below keeps the attention on the beautiful red brick.


357 Tehama 3 industrial-family-room

3. Wavy Tile

For a more modern look opt for the sleek, white wavy tile from Ames Tile! Show this product off in bathrooms, showers, and even fireplaces! With its super unique look it is sure to stand out as a feature. Mix it up a bit and install it vertically, it will draw your eyes up and down and elongate your wall.


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