Stump Stools!

Cute and trendy, these little tree stumps make for a functional accent piece!


Different shapes, sizes, and finishes can be used to coordinate your stump stools with the room. Whether they are round, square, short, or tall you can completely customize these great pieces!

Got an old tree that needs to be cut down? No problem! Spice up the trunk with your own personal touch and suddenly you have a fantastic side table! Each tree is so unique which will make your stump stool one of a kind!

Innenarchitektur Privathaus contemporary-family-room

These light wood stumps are perfect for this space. With such a contemporary style, it is easy to keep the flow going by bringing in some natural wood. Polish the tops and they are instantly more chic.

Flatiron Apartment contemporary-bathroom

Don’t forget about your bathroom! The combination of crisp white, black stripes, and natural wood is so eclectic. Not only is this stump stool gorgeous next to the bathtub, but it also serves a great function!

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a cute little stump stool – or maybe two!

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