Exploring Trends: Mix ‘n’ Match

We thought this ultra cool New York home was the perfect jumping point to talk the latest trend: mixing and matching!

My Houzz: New York City eclectic-living-room

This trend is the epitome of industrial chic, but can be a very hard look to create. There is always an element of danger when mixing colours, textures, and patterns that don’t necessarily “go” together – but don’t let that stop you from experimenting! The key to a successful design is in the coordination, refinement, and having restraint. This living room works because while the palette is unconventional, it has been repeated in numerous patterns and textures, so it feels cohesive. Take the fuschia colour – it is one piece of the sectional, repeated in a couple throw pillows, again as a stripe on the ottoman, and finally the thread in the tufted area rug. This allows your eye to feel at ease rather than confused when looking at this picture, because there is enough repetition for the colour to make sense.

The rest of the home is spot on with bold pops of colour and fun combinations that feel fresh and modern yet very relaxed and livable.

My Houzz: New York City eclectic-kitchen

My Houzz: New York City eclectic-kids

Take your cue from one bold item in the space, and build from there. Use 3-5 strong colours, paired with simple neutrals for the best results. Here, we took a fantastic bold couch and pulled out the main colours from the pattern – fuschia, bright orange, mustard yellow, and charcoal grey- not your average colour palette- and played with mixing in fun accent pieces! Pairing with a clean, neutral backdrop-light floors and simple paint- it feels like the perfect eclectic and modern collection!


These colours may not look like much right now, but here we used them in fun patterns and mixed calm flooring and walls to create the perfect mix ‘n’match room!


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