Summer Cabins

Living in a modern-day world can be overwhelming sometimes, so who wouldn’t want to escape to a cozy cabin by the lake, or even in the woods!

Smith Cabin traditional living room

This cabin is a perfect example of a stress-free home. By combining dark wood, a wood burning stove, and red as an accent, you have a living space meant for relaxation. The large windows bring in tons of light, so you are able to soak in that vitamin D! Multiple pieces of furniture are key in your cabin for when family and friends come over!

Lake Ariel Residence contemporary living room

Green tones are also great to use in your summer getaway home; a soft green is a very calming colour. Complete your cabin look with a gorgeous stone fireplace. Maybe a traditional log cabin isn’t your style, create more of an industrial look by combining wood and metals. The photo above is a great example of a cozy home with a modern touch.

McCoy Colorado rustic living room

With the combination of wood and stone in your cabin, a classic ivory wall paint is a perfect finishing touch. Create contrast with light walls and dark furniture – it will add interest to your summer home.

Don’t forget, area rugs are always a fantastic way to instantly make a room more cozy!

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