Go for tile!

Have you always loved the look of hardwood but worried it wouldn’t stand up to pets and kids? The flooring industry has a solution for you: a tile that looks like a beautiful hardwood floor! This unique tile come in various widths and lengths and takes the look of wood to a whole new level. You can finally finish your bathroom with a rustic wood look, without worrying about water spills and splashes!

This line from Tierra Sol, the In-Essence Collection, is gorgeous with the length and width of a regular wood plank, it will definitely be an amazing feature in your home. There are many benefits to installing tile in your home and our favourite one is being able to lay it how ever you’d like! From a herringbone pattern to a stacked look, your options are nearly endless!

For an even more interesting look, opt for the 12″ x 24″ wood grain tile from Tierra Sol’s Driftwood Collection. This line is all natural, for those of you who love a natural stone!


Mix and match your tile sizes for some definition and create interesting patterns. Your flooring will be the center of attention!

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