Friday Faves: Green Grey

As we all know, trends are ever-changing and as expected, cool grey is starting to be pushed aside by its sister colour: green grey. This tone is the perfect mix of warm and cool.

Lauzon has introduced its Organik Series colours and we are crazy for them! By keeping in with the grey tones, they have perfected a gorgeous and timeless hardwood floor, suitable for nearly any style!

This unique maple collection is great whether you want a rustic, industrial, or chic look! It works with every style so why wouldn’t you love it! Dress up this flooring with a sturdy metal coffee table, leather couches, and a pop of red, and you instantly have an industrial loft-style space. Maybe you want a softer look, pairing a light coloured sofa and vintage pillows gives an airy and light feel.

It doesn’t have to stop at flooring! Many tile manufactures have incorporated the new green grey in their products such as backsplashes. Euro Tile carries the gorgeous Kenai Series Glass Tile with a panel of great colours. Here is one of our faves!

With a grey tile that incorporates a warm olive hue in it, you have the best of both worlds: the perfect grey but with a warmer shade than your typical charcoal grey.

Marina Nursery transitional nursery

Office contemporary home office

Too nervous to install flooring or tile in this trendy colour? Opt for the green grey as your paint colour – it is one of the best ways to bring colour into a space and so easy to change! Either way, this colour is completely timeless and one of our Friday Faves!

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