Laundry Room Revival

Laundry rooms are the perfect space for colour and personality!

My dream laundry room make over- Functional & Beautiful she did this while the hubby was away!!! Found her at ABFOL AMAZING!

Utilize a long wall with simple shelving to sort each load! Keep organized with laundry baskets and open shelving for odds and ends and storage and you might just enjoy Sunday afternoons with the washing machine a bit more!

back splash--open cabinet/closed cabinet--with drying rack--painted --so cheap wood--over garage sink

Laundry rooms are often forgotten spaces, so liven them up with style and colour! A soft shade of minty blue works well with an easy to clean backsplash, for a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


Use a mosaic with a glass mixed in to give the room some sparkle! Easy to clean and low maintenance, this mosaic would be perfect paired with a cream coloured cabinet and a classic porcelain tile for the perfect space.

Who says a laundry room can’t be chic?

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