Typography Hits The Style Mark!

Big, bold words are adorning everything from couture fashion to your front entry mat, thanks to the latest trend: typography.

spotted on the elle deco blog

The Oh no! Doormat from Urban Barn is a unique home decor item. Urban Barn carries a variety of View All New and other  products furnishings.

Thanks to the ever growing interest in technology and graphic design, fonts and words have never been hotter. Often used as a note of whimsy or playfulness, words and ideas are replacing pattern in some designs to provide the focal point. Whether it is one letter, a collage of letters, or specific phrases, the mood they create will change based on the font used- think cursive and long will feel soft and romantic and bold and articulated will have a modern edge.


Typography inspired decor items can play with irony in an otherwise modern and stark space, like the pillows below which imitate Scrabble tiles.

Get literal with chairs that truly “speak” to you! Set in Helvetica font- a graphic design favourite- these are cool and sleek chairs in bright colours with would be perfect for a home office!


And possibly the coolest interpretation, this space is amazing. The designer plays with perspective and angles so that the illusion when you walk in the space the words seem to be hovering perfectly across a multi-angled space, when in fact they are stretched, distorted, and manipulated to create that illusion!

Anamorphic Interiors Typography photos1

Anamorphic Interiors Typography photos2

Anamorphic Interiors Typography photos4

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