Product Watch: Onix Cosmic Mosaics

 Cosmic 1x1 Arezzo

Mosaic and accent tiles have come a long way in the past few years, from simple glass to sleek and clean random linear patterns, the looks have been on the simpler side. With fashion and decor moving away from neutrals and towards more colour and life, this new tile line from Julian Tile is a stunning example of where products are headed. With bold patterns and interesting colour combinations, this tile is modern but warm- it will keep you ahead of the trend with the ability to add a punch of personality.


The sleek black and white mosaics would work well in a modern and edgy space, as a backsplash, feature on a fireplace, or even commercial applications like above.

Cosmic 1”x1” Elba

The contribution of the precious metals to the glass mosaic world is one of the innovations that the new Onix tiles show. This new collection combines natural colors with pieces made with delicate precious metal profiles, with gold and silver glazing. These mosaics have a tremendous richness in colours and the iridescence varies depending on how the light reflects on the, perfect for a flickering fireplace or spa bathroom.

Cosmic 1”x1” Lucca

Our favourite colours in this line are peppered with bold colours, interesting designs, and have a definite “wow” factor.



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