Hooked on Hexagons

Hexagons are a trendy and fun pattern that are popping up in design all over the world. From carpet tiles in high end locations, to an elegant polished hexagon marble tile, the resurgence of patterns in design is proof of the break away from the long, clean lines that have been so popular.


The shape of a hexagon isn’t traditional, and it really isn’t modern either. The shape is versatile and can really be pulled in either direction, depending on material, style, and texture.  The above image is a modern interpretation with carpet tiles, the colour blocking provides contrast and interest. The feel of the space is cool and fresh, the abstract grey tiles provide the perfect backdrop for modern pops of colour.

Honeycomb Interiors Inspiration, Image Source vintagerevivals.com

A whimsical application with hexagons in shades of oranges, pinks, and yellows feels young and funky. Using natural wood to frame each colour, the room feels natural and playful. Pair bright colours with an eclectic room, with vintage bird photos and a bold area rug to anchor the entire space.

Hexagon marble backsplash modern kitchen

In a more traditional application, hexagon marble floor and backsplashes are classic and soft, with minimal colour variation to give an elegant monochromatic scheme. Use marbles that are light in hue, Carrara Marble works the best in these spaces for a high end feel.

Pair a classic marble floor with neutral accessories and mill work, and get the ultimate spa bathroom. Bring colour in florals, like these stunning pink peonies, and use towels and other small items in bright colours to pop off the stark backdrop. Use high polished finishes, like the chrome mirror, to give the room sparkle, and consider using sconces or chandeliers to really elevate the space.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at this uber chic accent wall, with hand selected hexagon fabric blocks!

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