Just Released… Pantone’s 2014 Spring colour!

pantone announced spring 2014 colours

Every year, Pantone names a colour of the year. But in September, they also name a colour for the following Spring! Welcome the muted but bright “Dazzling Blue”, Spring 2014’s up and coming hue. A close ringer for cobalt blue, this is a bit more understated and soft. This shade of blue feels warm and nostalgic, with just enough saturation to still be bold and make an impact.

Pantone Dazzling Blue

Cobalt shades tend to be more classic, resurface every few years or so. Stunning china patterns in this colour against stark white backgrounds make the perfect back drop in a display hutch or dining table setting.

For a more contemporary twist, this painting is the perfect balance with many shades of deep blues and greens to tie in grey and black to your decor.


Get a fresh look with these Benjamin Moore paint colours, perfect for the kitchen, dining room, living room- anywhere! This shade is so versatile, we don’t see a space that wouldn’t benefit from a coat of the “dazzling” hue! Pair with warm beige’s and soft olive’s and this vibrant colour will come to life.


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  1. OMG, that colour is gorrrrrgeousss!! I love it.

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