Amping up Your Theatre Room!

Break the mold and say NO! to the standard theatre room and YES! to a personalized haven. Pitch the bulky and rigid black leather theatre-style chairs like these:


In favor of a more unique space! Check out these great theatre rooms, each designed with the user in mind.

Family Retreat traditional media room

This theatre room is family friendly, with light and airy colours and warm colours, the soft textiles are perfect. Seating is less rigid, with a deep full couch, you can really cuddle up and put on a family favourite.

Laurel Woods Home Theater modern media room

For the ulta cool and sleek home, this striking theatre room is sure to impress. Perfectly tailored red chairs are accented with back-lit red glass wall panels. Paired with cool greys, this space is suited to modern families and would be great for watching sci-fi and action filled blockbusters.

2012 CotY Award-Winning Interiors contemporary media room

For a casual but elegant feel, stick to neutrals. Layer creams and taupes to create a soft glowing ambiance. With the oversize sectional seating, this is a great space to entertain and have a casual evening. Textured wall vinyl gives the room visual interest and doubles as sound insulation.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box in your theatre room. Have fun with colour, texture and patterns! Try bold accent walls and loud pillows, or go ultra glam and chic!

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