Powder Room Secrets

Take the smallest room in your house and add pizazz with wallpaper, bold colours, and lots of personality. A powder room is generally on the main floor of a home, and is often frequented by guests and visitors. What better room to punch up the  with flare than the smallest one- it can be a minimal investment for such a tiny place! A few key design secrets will have your powder room, or “half bath” looking high style.

1. Wallpaper

Go bold on colour, or wallpaper, or finishes.Unless you are looking for a true baroque look, go easy on how busy the room gets. Pick a bold wallpaper in a fun colour like this bathroom, and keep the cabinetry natural and neutral.

Pulp Design Studios contemporary bathroom

Jane Lockhart Interior Design modern powder room

2. Tile Wall

Forget a 4″ backsplash, give one wall the star treatment. Let a stunning glass mosaic take center stage. and pull the paint colour from the tiles. Tie it together with a calm palette and mirror finishes for a sleek and contemporary feel.

Powder Room contemporary powder room

Powder Room modern powder room

3. Bold Colour

A bright or vibrant colour will spice up a powder room, whether it is a saturated navy on the walls, or an art deco coral cabinet.

New York Powder Room eclectic powder room

2010 Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Home of the Year contemporary powder room

4. Feature Lighting

Nothing scream luxury as much as a chandelier or crystal light fixture. Pick a light with some shimmer or translucent quality to it to give the space sparkle.

Bathrooms eclectic bathroom

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2012 modern powder room

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