Throwback Thursday: Oak

Let’s talk oak. This wood species has always been a classic choice, but the late 1980’s and 1990’s really took oak to the next level.

Throwback: Oak Cabinets


With saturated orange stains, this look dated quickly! Nothing screams 90’s more than a full oak kitchen, complete with California ceiling and oak trim everywhere!

Modern Update: Wire-brushed Oak!

Wire brushing wood is a method that removes the soft grain from the species, and once stained, those pockets of open cells are filled with colour and often times come out with a cool grey or white grain. A more contemporary look, wire brushed oak is a fantastic way to get a bit of life with the graining but stay modern and up to date in colour tones. The finish is very durable and a smart choice for families and pet owners.

White Oak, 5 13/16" plank

This incredible foyer is a fantastic mixture of contermporary chic and elegant traditional styles- the true transitional space! The flooring is greyed out and calm, but with life and a bit of colour interest so anything but boring!

Dolphin Terrace - Entry traditional entry

Wire brushed oak has the unique quality of working in any style of home. It pairs with ultra contemporary and sleek, traditional Cape Cod styles, and everything in between. We dare you to find a style this wouldn’t look stunning with!

McGonigal Signature Homes modern kitchen

Maillot Grandview traditional living room

Rox Residence contemporary dining room

Check out Laurentian Hardwood’s Antique Oak collection, all the colours are fresh and updated. We used their Mystic Black  colour in our booth at the Edmonton Home and Garden Show- a weekend which saw thousands of foot traffic, and the product held up beautifully. So well, that we actually decided to use the same wood from the show and install it into our own showroom!

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