DIY Friday

This room is an example of what a little bit of bargain hunting and a little bit of time can do for a child’s room! As children grow up and their tastes change, they tend to love one colour, then hate it a week later. We didn’t want to commit to a paint colour for that reason- and the house is only a year old, so the beige colour was fresh and new! With a budget of $150.00 we set out to reorganize and add some life to this bedroom.

Before & After




Curtains – $16.99

Mirror – $21.99

Cushion – $11.99

Cushion – $24.99


The chandelier was a steal- purchased at the Edmonton Restore, this retailed for over $80.00 and we snatched it up at $15.00! On a quick trip to Home Depot for some screws and supplies, I spotted a fun wall decal- and couldn’t pass it up! At $29.99, it is a quick and easy punch of life and not one drop of paint hit the walls.

Grand total, with taxes: $143.80

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