Warming up our Metallics

Heading into 2014, we are going to see a waning of the cold metals- stainless steel, brushed chrome, and silver finishes.          Instead, warmer metals that have been tossed to the side for the last decade will be making a comeback- but not just as you remember them! Copper and bronze are going to be hot, hot, hot- but with interesting textures like hammered or oil rubbed. Gold is already trending, see our post on that here, and will continue to gain popularity.

Add warm metallics into otherwise cold spaces, like this bathroom done in grey tiles and white fixtures. The bronze and copper wall tile is funky and modern but still feels rich and inviting.

Commercial Endeavours eclectic bathroom

Add a pop of colour and life into your space and don’t be afraid to mix your metal tones! Get personal, if you love a copper pendant, DO a bronze pendant- don’t worry if it will clash with the silver knobs and pulls. This kitchen is glamorous yet  relaxed and has hits of bronze in the lighting fixture and pots and pans on display.


Some great accessories to start adding some life back into your metallics, try mixing shapes and textures in vignettes!


Soft copper exposed pipes are a romantic shade of metal and look delicate and airy. With matching bowl and plates against a texture white background the kitchen feels spacious and eclectic.

These fantastic pendants are a great example of a high polished finish done right. Glowing with a warm copper hue, they will anchor any space and be a focal point of the room.

copper shade pendants

A copper backsplash is shimmering against the exposed brick on the adjacent wall. Paired with natural wood shelves and white neutral walls, the colours combine to be a harmonious space.

NYC Gem modern kitchen

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