British Invasion

British inspired design is cool, modern and a fun way to incorporate big graphics and bold colours. A twist on classic British style, these contemporary updates are timeless yet a tonne of fun! Mix with sharp clean edges for a high end ultra modern look, or weathered with antiques for an eclectic vibe. Decor with the British flag, the Union Jack, or in the country’s colours, red whit and blue are prominent. The usage of British maps and pictures of some of their most famous attractions such as the London Eye, Big Ben clock, and Buckingham Palace help reinforce the style.

This formal living room is bright and airy, with layers of white and natural wood tones. The antiqued brass chandelier and echoed details in the arm chair and feels rich and sophisticated. A worn Union Jack flag throw rug adds a hit of personality, but the subdued tones keep with the softness of the space.

This framed vintage map of the British Isles is a nod to history, taken from a 1904 copy of the world Almanac. The vibe is old world and has inherit charm, and would look fantastic leaning on a console table with other lamps and books around it.

Antique Map  - BRITISH ISLES 1904 Map Page - Buy 3 Maps, Get 1 Free

Pairing bold red furniture and two small distressed side tables (also a fantastic way to make a coffee table- put two side tables together!) with an otherwise neutral backdrop is the perfect amount of drama. Natural wicker chairs and clean grey walls are suitable for statement pieces like these. Fresh pops of white in the vases and starfish feel fresh and alive on the rich backdrop.

Add some British flair with an art piece that combines photography with tongue in cheek colour blocking. Union Jack colouring over the Big Ben Clock as well as a double decker bus- a quintessentially British mode of transportation- and this is both fun and striking.

This final room is incredible! British references litter the space with an edgy feel, with a skull on the wall keeping it modern and moody. The grey and white rug with monochromatic surroundings is offset by the bold punch of red in the wall art- a deconstructed flag motif; as well as a red club chair.

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