Throwback Thursday: Shag Carpet

Shag was the ultimate in luxury in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In bright colours, reds, browns, greens even, it was a statement of the time with thick texture that was sure to get attention.

Throwback: Shag Carpet

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The thick-pile used to require an actual rake to keep the fibers standing standing tall, but often still crushed and showed obvious traffic patterns. Wild colours and even patterns were used and were striking for the time but quickly looked outdated as colours shifted and trends moved on from the highly textured movement.

Modern Update: A New “Twist”

Shag reincarnated itself in two forms; area rugs, and a low-pile version for installing in your home. Area rugs keep the essence of the original, with long fiber and a super plush feel. They work well in modern spaces to break up the fluidity of the harder lines and create a softness not only underfoot but to the overall feeling of the space.

Layering textures is key to opulance contemporary family room

Paired with clean lines from the artwork, lamps and tables, this shag rug does wonders in an otherwise cool and contemporary room. The warm grey tone is a fantastic modern hue and by utilizing a clear table, you get an unobstructed view of it’s apparent soft texture.

living room contemporary living room

In a deep charcoal, this shag rug anchors the room and provides the perfect contrast to the creamy floor and white walls. Hits of fuchsia and green pop off the neutral space and the large scale of the rug feels luxurious and expensive.

The best way to use shag is in a throw rug- so simple and a easy, and if you aren’t feeling it next year- roll it up and move on!

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