Korey’s House

Having the pleasure of working with Audie Benson Estate Homes, who create stunning custom homes, this week we are featuring one of our completed projects with them- a fantastic house with a relaxed but elegant style.

Check out this gorgeous exterior from a past estate home built by Audie Benson!

Welcome to Korey’s house!

The overall feel the clients desired was a classic and warm environment without feeling too stuffy or over designed. The balance between high end finishes and keeping with a neutral and calm palette made this house was spot on.


With cream coloured cabinets and an ivory travertine backsplash, we created a custom tile mosaic feature over the stove to tie in the warmth and depth of colour in the hood and accent cabinetry. Using travertine bullnoses to border a textured mosaic and herringbone travertine centre, the space really pops without being distracting.


The corner sink overlooks Edmonton’s river valley, anchored by a light fixture from the original 1950’s house that stood on the property before it was torn down and rebuilt.




The ensuite was designed to be a retreat- a personal at home spa. With that in mind, we chose light and warm finishes, to keep the space feeling open and airy. Once the tiles were chosen, we made a computer rendering to show Korey what her ensuite would look like- and she loved it! Using tile from Tierrasol, we created a relaxing getaway.


Check out the view from the claw-foot tub: downtown Edmonton! Using the mosaic tile around the entire space makes it feel cohesive and is a great way to feature this beautiful glass and stone mosaic. Running the mosaic at the same height into the shower, but adding an extra panel of tile as well as a dramatic marble stone floor is the ultimate in luxury.


Basement Bar

The basement bar was a fantastic spot to add some drama and life! By using a metallic copper and bronze floor tile with the rich cabinetry, a moody feeling is evoked. A mother of pearl mosaic tile is the perfect backsplash for the stunning granite counters and the chocolate leather studded bar stools add a bit of edge to the otherwise neutral home.

splash     bar

Thanks to Korey for allowing us to post photos of her beautiful home, we hope you enjoy your new space- and that view!

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All other photos personal.

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