Throwback Thursday’s: 1980’s Floral

Design is an ever changing world, but styles and trends evolve over the years; and like in fashion, “what’s old is new again”, tends to ring true for interior design too!

Throwback: 1980’s Floral


Covering couches, chairs, curtains, and valances- no surface was safe from the overwhelming floral trend of the 1980’s. Dusty pinks, burnt oranges, and rusty browns all set against a cream background flourished. Heavy chintz patterns favoring roses and peonies, the distinctly feminine look (quite rightly) fizzled out in the early 1990’s.

Modern Update: Floral Infusion


After a couple decades of moving into calm, neutrals and softer palettes, design is waking up again- and floral is back! The most successful way to incorporate anything with a busy pattern like a floral is in moderation. Pick an accent chair,  or choose a small bathroom to put a bold printed wallpaper in. These will become conversation pieces, without being too tied down to a specific trend. Of course, wallpaper is going to be more permanent, so be sure to think about how you will feel in a years time, five years- and even ten. If you are one to change your mind and flip flop – trend lightly.

(And let’s hope shoulder pads stay in the 1980’s)

1980’s images,

Floral Infusion, 1.   2.    3.    4.

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  1. I love floral anything

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